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Why don't liberals listen to Cato and David Duke?

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    It's hard for some folks to accept the Truth. David Duke is given a bad rep, but if you look at his work in places such as Syria and Iran he paints a better representation of the American people than what the Zionist media tries to portray Americans as. They try to convince everyone that people like Duke (and Cato) are bad, and that Israel is this Oasis in the Middle East, which is FAR from the truth!

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    I am unfamiliar with Cato by David Duke is a wizard of the KKK, which is apart of liberal values. 

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    Soon the whole world will turn communist

    Just want and watch

    Israel and USA will be extinct

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    KKK gives best answer to the Muslim extremist....

    Same as in WW2, Islamo Nazis and White Fascists together...

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      White European men are janitors and your ugly Jewish and Arab women are butchers lol 😁

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    Both of them are too gay for me. Pair of fаgots.

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    David Duke is a self serving pus filled turd. What about Cato? Destroy Carthage?

  • B'coz just wanted to spend money and their parents who is conservative tried all their best to save money and energy.

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    It's always adorable when conservatives try to pin the KKK on modern Democrats like that would ever fool anybody with the slightest understanding of history.

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    Please explain why anyone should.

  • 1 month ago

    It's difficult to listen to haters.

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