Wisdom on how?

i am 31 years old woman that leaved her job to help with her family business 9 years ago and then 4 years later i graduated in civil engineering so i wanted to get employed but my older brother said i can work there make money than be an employer do i starts to think about how i can make my education to use without being employed so i and my younger brother take a course on how to make hollow block and start the business with a government fund but we can't get the fund so it failed but i didn't gave up i ask to use my money that i have as a stock in my family business but i didn't get and i got angry then i quit my family business without anything in my hand; i asked the government again and again but the answer is the same, to make the story short, after 5 years even if i tried to find a job they said why all this time after a few job hunt i stopped so now i don't have any money or a job. where did i go wrong and what do this say about me as a person?

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