How can I stop a steam iron from dripping?

My steam iron which I purchased about 3 years ago has the annoying habit of dripping water all over my clothes as I use it. This is despite being fitted with a "drip guard" as it says in the specs.

Why does this happen, is it the iron or is it me? As soon as the iron is moved from a vertical to horizontal position it spits water all over the place. There is only 1 button on the thing and it makes no difference which setting I use.

I purchased this iron because my previous iron (different brand) did exactly the same thing.

The iron I had before that was about 40 years old when it finally died, never had a problem with it in all that time.

The only way I can use the iron is completely drain all the water out, the job gets done but the quality is not great.

I am shopping around for a new iron but what if its no better than what I got?

Any suggestions?

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    A build up of calcium can cause this. It can also cause a build up in the steam vents, Do you regularly clean you iron?

    Don’t leave water in the iron when not in use, employ it if younwont be ironing for a few days.

    Don’t over fill the water tank

    Spitting can occur if the iron is not hot enough

    Turn off steam function when ironing at a low level.

    I love Rowenta. But I sew and use my iron a lot. These are pricey.

    You can always use a spray bottle of water to spritz your clothes before ironing. I still use fabric starch on some things.

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