So as an infant I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia and really haven't had any issues with blood sugar.?

I'm 25 now and have trouble eating, it gets to the point I can't even force myself to eat. Most of the time I eat maybe once a day and it puts a toll on me and need to know how to fix this. I just keep getting told to force it down but when you don't feel like eating and get nauseous when you try...makes things difficult. Any suggestions?

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  • 9 months ago

    After major surgery, my appetite just went on vacation. So I know how it feels to not want to eat. If you can't force it down, you can't.

    I think you could get help if you were referred to a registered dietician. I don't think hypoglycemia would be a big factor. There might be a psychological component to your situation, though.

    • Mikey9 months agoReport

      There might be, a lot has been going on around me and me appetite first started to diminish after my hernia surgery a few years ago but I still was eating regularly for awhile after that. My wife and I both agreed to try to get help with the eating situation so thank you for your advice

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