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Is a computer called a Compaq Pressario a good gaming computer? It comes with windows 98. I want to play Fortnite?

I dont know amything about computers but my local pawn shop is selling one for $35 bucks monitor and mouse included (woohoo!) but its the old fat type of monitors. i saw it turned on and it had some graphic icon bouncing around the screen that said 'Windows 98' (i guess this is the software) Anyways do you recommend this PC. 

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    No that old of a computer can't even begin to play a modern game you don't need a Windows 10 computer with at least 4 gigs of RAM and at least a dual-core 2.53 and a two gigs graphics card to be able to play fortnite

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    No. It won't work. It's not even a gaming computer. I doubt this machine will even successfully show the splash screen properly. (Splash screen being the name of the game that shows up at the start of the game launching and requires practically no resources to run on nowaday systems.)

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    Use it to hold up a monitor at higher level, or recycle it at scrap drive.

    Source(s): I have many older computers, running everything from Win95 to Win 10, and a few iMacs a decade old or older, none for games.
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    I think you are a troll looking for attention.. You aren't even any good at trolling

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  • keerok
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    No, it can't play Fortnite. With win98, you could play Solitaire though.

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    its definitly a good one

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    I dont know much about computers either but i dont think you can play Fortnite on old graphics card. (I could be wrong though) unless you can uprgrade it with a newer video card or something? Anyways i hope someone gives you a good technical answer. Good Luck.

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    Serious answer: waste of time and money. Useless for anything but a doorstop or boat anchor.

    Other answer: sure, you can run any game you want with that box. Enjoy.

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    Buy it and see for yourself.

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    For $35 that's way over priced for a 2 decade old system.

    In the likely chance that you're a troll, that was a lame troll attempt.

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