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What does this quote mean?

"No man who ever held the office of president would congratulate a friend on obtaining it."

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    I believe the quote is a reference to what a thankless, difficult, and exhausting job the presidency is.

    And that only someone who experienced it understands that. So if a friend of theirs won the election, they might feel sympathy for their friend- and not consider it an occasion for celebration.

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    The quote is saying that once you have experienced all the stress and work involved in being President, you wouldn't wish the job on anyone, even your best friend.

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    being pres sucks

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    It simply means taking up the role of President is such a difficult and arduous task, that if someone were to take it up it wouldn't be something to gloat over.

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    It means that it is hard and difficult work

  • Person A has experienced the stress of being president and does not want his friend to suffer the same stress

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