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Leasing: I would like to pay for a new vehicle lease for my wife. Can I put the lease solely in her name?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Depends on state registration rules, if allowed this is legal. Many leases are registered to another family member, and nowhere on the registration is the real owner listed. In other words, if your wife would hand someone the registration they would think she owned or was the one leasing the vehicle and not you. There's many ways to do this and best to talk to the dealer. Sometimes known as a 'straw' purchase, a car loan for someone else can be legal if the person can't qualify for a car loan themselves. This type of straw purchase auto loan is most commonly done with a co-borrower.

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    • Sandra S.
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      9 months agoReport

      You're welcome JSC. I deal with this financial stuff all the time. Also, your question was NOT implying anything shady, as far as, I was concern. Thank you for BA!

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  • Can you apply for a credit card in your wife's name? Can you get a mortgage in your wife's name? You can't accrue debts in someone else's name without their consent. That's fraud.

    Now, if your wife gets a lease in her name and you pay for it, then that's fine. She's free to take on any debt she wants and you're free to pay any of her debts that you want, but you can't saddle her with a debt, even if you intend to pay the debt.

    • JSC
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      I want to pay for my wife s lease, I want the car to be hers in her name is all..I already lease mine in my name.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Not unless she soley qualifies on her own.

    I doubt she could lease without you with no income. A joint lease would work.

    Or better yet, jointly buy. Leasing is a bad idea.

    You are free to pay anyones payment but she won't qualify with no income despite great credit.

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