To get a Gaming PC or wait for PS5?!? Please help?

Been thinking about getting a gaming PC since I never had one and have been interested so I can stream games and stream live on Twitch. I do know PS5 will be releasing next year so idk if I should just wait a year or go for a PC!? Please help.

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  • PCMR
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    9 months ago

    I don't know either because I'm not you. You need to make up your own mind.

    Sony and Google (Stadia) are going to blow smoke up everyone's a$$ by trying to lead people to believe their platform will have the best performance. However the new PS5 is probably going to come packaged with an APU that's merely a modified RX 5700 with a downclocked Ryzen 7 3700x and most likely 24gb GDDR6 memory that's shared between the system and GPU. The 3 years later there will be a refreshed PS5 with a Zen 3 or 4 CPU and a midrange RDNA 2 GPU.

    Just remember that when the PS5 arrives, there won't be any games that can take advantage of it's hardware. Think of the PS4 as being a low end gaming PC and the PS5 being a higher end PC which can run higher graphics settings. There won't be much of a reason to buy a PS5 until developers start making games around that platform.

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