What does a guy think?

Boyfriends car broke down on the way to visit me after a busy day at work. He texts to let me know he is safe and has found a place to have a hot drink and wait recovery.  I replied to say I will come and sit with him while he waits recovery .He said  to stay in the warm as I have a cold and times getting late.  However, I couldnt just sit around watching TV while he was  stressing and worrying about his car. So I suprised him and drove 25 minutes to be with him while he waits. He was happy to see me. We chatted and cuddled while he waited to be recovered back to his home.  We had a good laugh amd I hoped I helped to cheer him up. He said ot was lovely that came drove over.  I just wondered wjat a guy would think of his girlfriends gesture. 

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    just plain old happy

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