Does anyone find it odd we've had 23 years of lacrosse style goals but are still waiting for the first in the NHL?

Bill Armstrong invented the move and it was made famous by Mike Legg in 1996. Since then the play has been replicated in basically every level of hockey except the NHL. Seeing Arthur Kaliyev pull it off in the OHL last night made me think ..why has this not been done yet in the show!? Even players like Crosby and Granlund have proven they can pull it off at game speed, yet they've never even attempted (to my knowledge anyway) this move in the NHL. So anyways this post is basically to say WTF, have some guts and get this done NHL.

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    Because the minute someone does it in a game people will lose their ever loving mind (and not in a good way), racist drunk grandpa will have a stroke during his "7 minutes of yelling at clouds" on Saturday during the 1st intermission, and the other team will seek retribution/revenge the next time they play.

    I'm old enough to remember people getting butt hurt because Thomas Hertl scored between the legs for the Sharks a few years ago, and Ovechkin did a "hot stick" thing a decade ago. If someone did the Teemu Selanne "shooting stick" move today we'd have a complete meltdown and the meathead contingent would want blood.

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