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Can taking opiods or antidepressents reverse a physical condition or disease?


I just wanted to know as some people say that stress and depression can cause a disease so if one treats depression can they reverse a disease. I've heard of a person who had an anuerysm but it was reversed after the treatment application of demerol, a very powerful opiod. I know that they are highly addictive but is there a curative in feeling good? For example I know personally that alcohol can help with heart attacks so maybe feeling good or "high" is ok during certain physical ailments?

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    Opioids and antidepressants are two very different types of medications.

    If a person is in a lot of pain, it can raise their blood pressure, and increase their

    risk for heart attack, so therefore, it's a good idea to keep their pain under control.

    Anti-depressants could have a beneficial effect on one's body, but the type of

    damage caused by depression and stress happens slowly over time. It may

    help prevent certain things, but you wouldn't see a dramatic sudden reversal of

    a disease from them.

    I've heard that depression can cause your brain to shrink, after many years

    of being depressed. Probably antidepressants could help prevent that.

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    anything is possible,you would need to ask your doctor this question

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    Nope! sorry.

    They only help you deal with an issue that, hopefully, you'll get over or grow out of.

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    Not likely. They only mask the symptoms that the underlying disorder creates. You need to learn what is causing your symptoms, and fix that. Often things like depression and body pains (like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia) are caused by nutritional deficiencies. Your body needs certain nutrients, and proper sleep, to fix itself. I recommend you start your education by going to youtube and searching for DR BERG DEPRESSION and watch his videos. Watch his other videos also, on fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety, thyroid problems, diabetes, etc. Put his recommendations into practice. See if it helps. But don't give up on it to quickly. Your body is crying out for help, and too often we all have been programmed to think that if we eat according to the government's food pyramid, that we are eating "healthy". Not so. Watch "What the Health" on youtube.

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    Thanks for your answer!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No but it does help. It's not a cure.

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