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Joe asked in SportsHockey · 7 months ago

Where does the faceoff go if the team about to get a 5-minute powerplay ices the puck?

I'm not sure whether I've actually ever seen a delayed major penatly in the first place, but assuming that there wasn't an immediate whistle due to injury and/or a scrum, where would they drop the puck if it's iced?

On a normal penalty it goes to the PP team's defending blue line, which I agree is a good rule, but since majors are so egregious that they already go all out and award 5 full minutes of unlimited PP time, the faceoff should go the the offensive zone no matter what. Anyone know what the rule is?

1 Answer

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    Offensive zone face off for the team with the power play. Unlikely to happen, but the draw would be in the offensive zone for the team that has the 5-minute PP.

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