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No mics working on my PC. Help?

none of my headsets that have always worked perfectly fine but the microphone has suddenly stopped being picked up by my PC.

It works fine on my phone and on my laptop but not on my PC even though the sound is fine. I have checked every setting and it isnt muted anywhere and it updated perfect.

I have no idea what to do now and cant seem to get it to work. I have bought a USB with a microphone and sound port but using this makes no difference (sound still works). I am very frustrated and confused and dont know what to do next. Any ideas?

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    How are you connecting it to the phone and then PC? The two need different microphone connections.

    It's an extremely common problem as the plugs fit perfectly, but the electrical contact arrangement in the sockets is not the same.

    See the article here, that explains the difference.


    If you are using the appropriate connections, update the question with the exact make and model of the headset and what adapters you are using etc.

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