would this be allowed on youtube?

i'm a small channel, been a member of youtube since 2007 but id like to upload a clip of the game resident evil 4? with the deadly regenerators? i see many other people posting video game videos...so i wondered could i do it too?

if i could upload this video, i know it would get tons of views, thats why i want to do it.

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  • 9 months ago
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    If you upload a clip that shows how to play the game, usually with commenter in the background, etc, it will not be flagged by youtube. Technically such a post could be considered a violation of the copyright. But 99.9% of gamer owners are not going to complain. Such a posting is not going to cost them money. No one is going to watch video rather than purchasing the game. Instead it is likely to interest more people in purchasing the game. It is free advertisement. (Assuming that you do not trash the game in your video.) As such no one is likely to complain to youtube and ask to have it taken down.

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