Not long to go, I can't wait for Sunday - we're going to make it 9 wins out of 9 at Old Trafford! - or are we ?

We should have enough going into that game to trouble them in their own back yard, no need to be nervous and I know for this one form goes out of the window but this ones different, Ole's under serious pressure not to lose this game lol

Also unless Pogba starts and has one of those games where he reminds the world why he was signed by United for £90m, then we'll have a game in our hands.

I wonder if they'll be able to cope with keeping Mane/Salah/Firmino quiet for a full 90+ mins.

Salah will be fit for that game and I want to see his name on the scoresheet otherwise we'll sub him after 75 mins and bring on Shaqiri ^_^


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  • 9 months ago
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    I would never be too confident going to OT from a Liverpool perspective, they rarely seem to play well there even when United are terrible. Last season was a pitiful display by them. Still with United currently looking so bad I'm expecting a Liverpool win, but a tight one, maybe 2-1.

    Any more is just bonus laughter points, by the start of next week both United and Everton could be in the relegation zone whilst Liverpool are top of the league, dream for LFC fans, lol.

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    9 months ago

    Well Pogba is not playing and he is going to pay you a visit because of all the s hite you write about Man U. Do make him welcome

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