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How can i do a job?

20  year olds living in portugal with my uncle, hes girlfriend and their daughter. 

Without any documents, I'm trying to get NFI (fiscal identity) but they don't have time. I'm feeling sad because I wake up and a have any job to do, I have search but nothing without documents. I really want leave to go living alone. I have anything that I want they are kind, (Except their daughter that search always someone for beating over with her little hand, i don't want to give her back but I don't have choice or she will get confidence and continue.)

I know some people yesterday I have talking with an entrepreneur. 

I want to leave they because I think I'm disturbing. so I wanted to have my own work and go live alone but quickly as possible.

Do you have something to tell me advices or something other. I will read them.

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    9 months ago

    Sounds like a Hitman is asking this question...  go to work during business hours and then come home when work is over..  breathe while doing so.. try to wear clothes if needed..  Collect money at the end of the week.. do not collect Crypto -currency..

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