what do you do when you miss the 'depth' sound of vinyl?

all i have are cds now, i lost all my vinyl records a long time ago, over the passage of time... i have quite a few cds albums of old music from the 60's and 70's...but when i play it in the stereo system at night when i go to bed....it doesn't have that 'depth' full sound that the vinyl records had? and i miss it............can you still make cds enjoyable if you configure the settings on the stereo?

cds seem to lack that fuller depth of sound, i have no desire to collect old music on vinyl again, plus i have no equipment to play vinyl and can't afford it.

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  • 10 months ago
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    I find CDs overwhelmingly preferable to records,

    and In No Way do they lack "depth".

    If anything, CDs have More "depth" because

    there isn't a sh*tload of garbage coming along with the music.

    I believe what you miss about records are the unavoidable noises and distortions

    that are inherent in vinyl.

    That's unfortunate, because nothing about all that racket can possibly be good.

    Learning all that is wrong with records should make you fully appreciate CDs.

    I learned it in about ten seconds when I first heard a CD in 1983 or so ---

    No groove noise, no mistracking, no pops, no ticks, no rumble, no wow or flutter,

    just clean, clear, full-range sound with No audible distortion.

    In other words, Music As It Should Be.

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    7 months ago

    Take an example, when you digitise a 11Khz sine wave.

    with 44.1Khz sampling rate, that means a full cycle sine wave 11Khz will get about 4 sampling.

    And than later when you convert the digital signal back to analog wave, and you plot the sine wave on a X-Y graph, you only got 4 dots on the x-axis, while there are 65,000 dots on the Y-axis (16bits = 65,000 steps).

    So, imagine if your TV screen resolution has 4 dots only on the horizontal resolution and 65,000 dots on the vertical resolution, will you like to watch you TV with 4 dots only on the horizontal resolution?

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  • 10 months ago

    Your not delusional, there is a big difference in the sound qualities of analog and vinyl verse digital.  Contrary to those who think digital is better and that all the music is there.  Digital music is not able to capture the complex sound waves of analog music and you can hear it.  Its not subtle.  Digital sounds sterile and lifeless in comparison.  Especially when played on a good system.  Sure the average consumer and on modest systems will likely not hear much of the shortcomings of digital, but once it is played on a system that is more revealing and well tuned it quickly comes to light.  

    So understand you will never get digital to have those qualities you hear on your records.  It is just not possible.  So you either have to embrace the limitation of digital and try to design and calibrate a system that can get close and have a more enjoyable experience.  And especially on MP3's cd's are better but that depends on how well it was recorded and mastered.  Now if you really want to embrace digital you need to setup a computer based server with good software and digital dac and purchase and download higher resolution music files.  Like those for Acoustic Sounds and HDTracks. Not to say you cant get good sound from a cd player but most will not play newer high resolution music files.  Only redbook 44.1khz 16bit or 24bit.  

    Now you will hear from many on here that digital is digital there is no difference, and digital is better than analog and spew all these specs and theorems that say otherwise.  I am a professional in both the recording and consumer audio end and can first hand tell you there is huge differences in the sound quality of recordings and playback equipment.  

    But you will be glad to know you can get pretty good sound from digital "IF" you choose recordings that were well done, by good mastering engineers ( like Bernie Grundman ) and put together a decent quality digital playback system.

    Most of the high end audio systems are using music servers ( computers with software, like JRiver downloading higher resolution files, and using a high quality DAC ( digital to analog converter )

    But with all that, digital will never have the magic of analog


    40 years high end audio video specialist

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  • 10 months ago

    That's one of the few great things about being almost 48 years old. I grew-up with vinyl and 8 track tapes.

  • marty
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    10 months ago

    I kept all my vinyl records since I started buying them over 50 years ago. I still listen to them. I use an equalizer on my stereo system but can't seem to get the sound from a CD to be as enjoyable as vinyl.

  • 10 months ago

    This is just an illusion - when you do a double-blind test you won't be able to tell the difference. Provided the copy to CD has been made with care.

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