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Cost to redo my house ?

I’m wanting to redo my whole house , it has 6 bedrooms so I know it will cost quite a lot. I have an average size hallway , I don’t know meaursements exactly but I have inserted a picture on the size  of it , the picture only shows half but it’s basically the same size as that but basically double the amount of that makes sense.  I would like to have marble floors on the hallway or tiles not sure which yet  and wanted to know how much it would cost. , I have 3 rooms downstairs and 2 of them are fine but my whole kitchen needs to be redone as it’s just so out dated. It’s a medium sized kitchen .  Upstairs my hallway is quite long but it’s quite narrow aswell , I wanted marble or tiles on that aswell. The bedrooms just need the basic stuff like painting , new carpet and storage and accessories.  Does anyone know how much it would all cost , I am planning to do most of it myself (well my boyfriend and me ) I know this is probably not the best place to ask but if anyone kinda has done their house and could tell me how much they  spend it would be great 

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    You need to do more work on this in more detail. From that you can develop an estimate by getting specific prices from specific suppliers and contractors. For example a lot of his you can do yourself instead of going through extra layers of people. But you have to do the work in the right sequence. So that requires a schedule, at least a list of work in chronological order. So get out some blank paper and make some sketches to scale of the house and from that get the dimensions of what you work is. Then make a narrative/description of what the work is including the technical (like what kind of paint). Then a schedule of order to this. Like you buy carpets after you paint. So, description of work, estimated costs for each item of work, schedule as to when it is done in sequence. You will also include a blurb on how you will pay (like after they complete a work item). The description of work will also include those items that you will purchase, but will also include specifics of what the contractor will furnish. For example, marble. You cannot leave that decision up to a low cost provider of the work. If you agree to a price without specifying it, you will get the cheapest thing he can find. Because he will make more money. He will rely on you not knowing enough to know what you bought. If you do know enough, then there is a problem. So it is best for him to know that you know enough, so that he can add the money to get things like you have specified.  Believe it or not, not all contractors, workmen can perform at that level and will refuse the work.  That is good because it is a mistake that you did not make.  But you have a lot of work ahead of you to get your work in shape to go to a contractor/installers for a price.  I suggest you at least spend the winter months working on this with the work starting when the weather is good next summer.  So your first schedule, when you will do your work is good.

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    Just go ahead and obtain estimates from about 3 Professionals...…..and have that money set aside for this work to be done much faster...….You have a lovely of luck on this venture.

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    get 3 bids,incl labor materials,( supplied at cost,,no markup= paying double)

    set color choices,,gloss,semigloss,or satin finish,,color choices, paint stores like the big boxers have a mixer to produce custom colors,( not refundable),,or what they offer from the shelf,

    time,, ask him to estimate time required start to finish,

    start date,,,deposit for him to start,, see that he is bonded and insured,

    references,he ought to give you these,

    whatever you decide,,do NOT pay some friend of a friend by the hour, they usually run the meter doubletime,leave a lot unfinished miss spots make messes,then want more $$ey for the helper you knew nothing about,

    as a DYI project, a lot of people get best results from an understanding of what to do & set up ,materials,with determination,you can do it yourself

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    So call a contractor and get an estimate

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    it looks fine let it alone

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    No one here can give you an estimate because we don't know where you live. I'd suggest you get estimates from professionals.

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