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Does the Patch panel require in connecting PoE switches ?

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    A patch panel is just a convenient & tidy way of connecting the ends of runs of ethernet trunk cable.

    If you are using direct plug-to-plug cables for everything, you don't need separate sockets or a patch panel.

    If you are laying in fixed cables, they need sockets at either end to plug flexible cables in to.

    For a small number of cables you can just use individual or dual/quad wallbox sockets at both ends, but for larger numbers a patch panel takes less space and is easier to work with.

    Ethernet trunk cable has single-strand cores and is made to work with IDC "punch down" sockets.

    I suggest you standardise ok Cat6 or higher keystone jacks. You can get bot patch panel strips and wallbox faceplates that take keystone modules so you do not need to mess about with different connectors.

    Ethernet patch cable - the more flexible type for plug-to-plug cables - has stranded cores and RJ45 plugs are normally designed for that type. Those do not work with trunk cable.

    (Though for reliability you should buy ready made cables anyway).

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