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Am I born to dance?

This question may sound stupid but ever since I remember myself all I wanted to do was dance. I was never able to concentrate on anything. I'd go to school and it was impossible for me to focus and I would always catch myself daydreaming about dance and choreographing dances in my head even tho I've never danced in my life since I couldn't afford it. The only thing I like to watch is dance. The only thing I like to talk about is dance. Every time I hear music I start dancing if I'm not seen by others but when in public, I start imagining dancing to this music. The other day I was in college and we could hear the "Waltz of flowers" playing from another class or something and I had to try SO hard not to get up and dance. It was so so hard honestly, especially since ballet is my favorite thing in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm stupid because I'm 18 and I've never seen anyone (at least not in my age group) be so overly obsessed with dance like I am. I need help! What the heck is wrong with me?

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    The fact that you have actually verbalized this question is not stupid at all, but it has overtaken your consciousness. I think you have a very physical relationship to music. Reread what Mintchips said. Find a ballet school and sign up for classes. This will put your desires into perspective and help you to channel your dreams into "present physical reality". Dancing to music may become an outlet, a great hobby, or even lead you to approach music from the other side by learning to play an instrument to make music. At your age neither of these exploits will support you financially, so keep them as an emotional support system in your future.

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    The best possible thing you can do is to take some dance classes.

    They may well give you a more realistic view of dancing.

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    Recreational ballet is for anyone of any age shape and abilities. Find an adult beginner ballet class and start taking classes. Often adult classes aren’t as costly. Ballet schools often offer class cards for open classes for adults with discounts which could make a class as little as $10 per class in some places. Perhaps you can man the desk in exchange for classes. Perhaps your college offers ballet classes? If there is a will there is a way.

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    I agree with Natalie.

    If you really wanted to dance, you'd have found a way to take classes.

    What you're doing is imagining being a great dancer - the reality is very different!

    You have a very strong imagination and you love music.    That's great.

    But if you really want to dance - dance.  

    Get a job, save up - do whatever it takes.

    It's far too late to dance as a career, but as a hobby, why not?

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    I don't agree with the people saying you need to see a psychiatrist. I think it's normal to like something a lot even tho sometimes it can be too much. As to your question about you being born to dance, nobody can determine that. Maybe you have the talent and maybe you're meant to be a dancer but maybe not. It's all about talent, passion and hard work. You have the passion but do you have the talent and are you willing to work hard?

    Also, at your age you obviously can't become a professional so hard work isn't much of an issue but remember that you can always do dance as a hobby. If you still struggle economically, find a job. I know college is expensive but you're 18! Go find a part time job at a restaurant or something. It will help you with college but you'll also be able to take up dance.

    Good luck!

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    No one is born to do anything in particular. Perhaps you should see a psychiatrist

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    You're obsessed. See a psychiatrist.

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