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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureOther - Society & Culture · 8 months ago

hey guys,just need some help actually.?

I have an obsessed father with studying, he kept forcing me to my first 9 years of studying I really like getting the highest grades and being the smartest..etc

but my last 3 years in school I felt that I was forced to study and never having time for my self. because of that I don't have many friends and the few of them are getting away actually because I can't afford to go out with them, and yeah you're saying what a friendship is that! and yeah you're right, no one likes me because of alot of stuff....

in my final year at school, I litterly couldn't focus and concentrate on anything I felt that all of my life was for nothing, because it's not fair to spend my whole teenage years just studying and that's all ,I didn't have a life I was at home all the time besides of that my father's job isn't enough so I just paid for that by wasting my life time at home.

now I'm in college studying Law, in my country law needs very low grades for who studied scientific field and the highest grades for the literature field, and of course I was in the scientific!!

I failed the first year because of depression aboviesly...!

now my cousin who was studying in the literature field, she's now in college and she got lucky and they asked for very low grades for Law. so now she's studying law just like me! she can't spell right!!! she never sat down and read a book for like 5 minutes...I know it was depression who did this to me,but I feel terrible I need some advice to forget about this.

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  • LP7
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    8 months ago
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    Well, if you are successfully practising law and helping people then it's not such a bad thing.You've learned discipline consistency and focus.Your father was only doing what he thought was best for you.Sure he was obsessive but what is his reasoning?You sound like you are from India or similar place where families push their children to achieve.So when you have children you won't be so obsessive and spend more time with them right?!

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    • LP7
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      8 months agoReport

      I don't think it is for nothing.You still have many years ahead of you.Many experiences that will test your resilience,responsiblity,maturity etc.Maybe one day you will understand your own history and look forward to being happier.

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  • 8 months ago

    I suspect your depression is from a feeling of loss of your precious teen years. The thing is life doesn't end with your teen years. It is also possible that you are depressed because you are majoring in something you don't really want to do. It can be difficult to learn just who you are and what your passions in life are. People often change majors in college because of learning something new about themselves. If you do have a passion for law, some careers have very demanding college, where often first year students are given some of the hardest just to weed people out. It's sort of like a college boot camp. I've seen some students take a class two or three times just to finally pass it. The good news is it is usually just a few courses during the first year that are purposely tough on students where some catch on to the game quickly and adapt to pass the first go, while some take a bit longer but are determined. Talking to students further along can help you realize they too had a rough time at the beginning but assure you it does get better. Depression can absolutely be crippling and I don't doubt it made your college much harder than normal. However, understanding why you are depressed can help you make changes where you may feel a huge burden lifted off your shoulders by finding the real you.

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