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Is it safe to conclude that any rational debate/conversation with Christians is unproductive?

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    When two parties to any debate/conversation are being rational, then it is productive.

    When one party is being irrational, then it is unproductive.

    If both parties are being irrational, then it is unproductive.

    Most debates/conversations about Christianity are based on urban myths, prejudices and even disinformation in some cases. And Christians can hold some of those too.

    One wise Christian pointed out: "But a man is not really convinced of a philosophic theory when he finds that something proves it. He is only really convinced when he finds that everything proves it." [G.K. Chesterton cited in David Robertson’s book Engaging With Atheists, p 55 (The Good Book Company, 2016 reprint)] This means that an irrational person will keep resisting one evidence after another that 'threatens' his cherished world-view unless, in his heart, he desires to learn and is open to possible change. But a rational person will acknowledge an evidence and include it (instead of immediately rejecting it), filing it away in his brain, to await further evidences that might lead to a change of belief. Two rational people will thus always part on good terms, even if they continue to disagree. They will not turn from disagreeing about a subject to attacking the other person.

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    No, it is not, silly. Unless by "rational" you mean "agrees with me," as so many of you atheists do.

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    religion isnt a debate or conversation ...its a fact and its faith

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    It is never safe for an atheist to speak with a man of God, because faith comes by hearing and hearing God's word.

    You just could become a Christian and receive the Gift of Eternal Life.

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    By definition Faith is not debatable. You might get someone to admit that they don't need proof; that they just believe.

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    Christians have had the forefront for so long that they are confused. Yeah, there are other religions, and the belief in none, and they can't fathom that Scientology and other weird things are stealing their power.

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    I can speak only of my experiences, and that is I have had rational conversations with many Christians ladies, young and middle aged that were very productive.  Just don't talk about religion, just talk to her.

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    More of a sweeping generalization that really doesn't help anyone. 

  • 12 months ago

    No. That would be an unwarranted generalisation.

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    No, that would be an erroneous conclusion. Both sides have to be rational and civil, not just the Christian side.

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