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Gopro @ night. Riding bicycle. Any tips?

Gopro hero 8 black. (1st time user, pre-ordered)

Planning to use 1 hour @ night. (for security, other drivers behavior. 3rd hit-and-run since 5 months.)

Any tips on using, settings...

Moderate street lights, @ most 1 every 1/8th mile. 

-road glare oncoming cars


-video vs stills... Frame rate

I have 2 headlights

Niterider pro 3000 (downward facing, used for wide beam, focused 5ft. Radiant upwards 15ft)

Niterider lumina 950 boost. 

(spotlight, focused 10ft, halo from 3000 overpowering. Just 2nd light to brighten dark spot in halo of 3000) 

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    I've got questions for you. Three wrecks or hit 'n runs in 5 months?! Either you're the unluckiest person in the world, or you're riding wrong! Questions... Do you hug the curb? Do you ride close to parked cars? WRONG! Do you incorporate a rear view mirror of any type? I use a helmet mounted "Safe Zone" mirror. Google that.

    Always ride at least 5 feet away from the curb. Always go around parked cars with at least that same 5 foot space. And don't wait to merge to the left at the last second. If parked cars are there sporadically, ride as if there's a continuous line of them. Don't play 'Hide & Go Seek' with traffic. BE SEEN.

    The online 'Holy Bible' is Bicycling Street Smarts: Read it all.

    YouTube video #1 - The Rights and Duties of Cyclists:

    Youtube thumbnail

    YouTube video #2 is actually a 3 parts series. Look for the other 2 parts on YouTube. Easy to find. Cyclist's Eye View [part 1]

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Just may sure no one is coming behind to hit you.

    Otherwise you're alright.

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