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The best was to get rid of people from your home. ?

So I work Wednesday to Sunday and my brother invites people on the weekend round after midnight and it usually lasts till 6am at least and people are still hanging arrou d it's not fair but I don't know where or how to start kicking people out so I can sleep. I suffered from mental health so going through my mind is a real stress for anxiety and angry of the thought no one is thinking of me at the time. A lot of fears and angers get realised and I get that treats and not a good place to start. It hasn't been done yet but it has done before. How should I approach this? 

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    have a discussion about how you feel and decide together when a decent time guests should stay until, and you would have to follow the same time rules with your friends. You can also suggest for them to hangout at a different location

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    Call the police.

    Tell them there are uninvited people in your home and they need to come over and make them leave.

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    Start by kicking out your brother if it's your home. That should solve all the problems.

    Why did you post this in mental health instead of family and relationships?

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