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Why is Mr Anfield Aces so worried about what's going on at Old Trafford and Man Utd?

Is he a secret Utd fan

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    soccer-fans like a good game. it can not be all sour-apples, you have to appreciate good play as much as you regret seeing the bad. that is sportsmanship. the game went 1-1 draw.

    manchester united's strategy must have worked pretty well. as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer caused a shock with a 3-5-2 formation and it worked a treat to lock down Liverpool’s wide players. This looked like a specialist formation to make United better defensively against a stunning attacking team.

    liverpool's next game: MC at LIV 11/10/2019

  • Harry
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    10 months ago

    No idea, but he's just sharing his opinion and all, which is fine - I understand where you're coming from though, I mean a fan talking about his biggest rivals a lot, but I think I understand that.

    He seems like a decent user, unbiased and honest, obviously not afraid to praise his own team and all, but not afraid to give other teams and their players credit too.

    Source(s): Man Utd fan.
  • I'm secretly a fan of Watford to support my favorite player, Gerard, does it make me a bad person?

  • August
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    10 months ago

    You're answering your own questions again AA ^_^ ^_^ :)

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  • 10 months ago

    I just wanted to keep this section true to its roots, its about the EPL footie not the international euro qualifies lol

    So in theory, I was right and you were all wrong for discussing Engalnd and Bulgaria on here ! ^_^

    for that you should go to a different section.

    English Football is for EPL only.


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