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Cat lovers: can you argue against this statement? ?

“Cats show no affection to their owners. If you live in a bad neighborhood they won’t be able to protect you if an intruder enters your home. They sleep a lot and don’t really do much”. This is coming from a dog owner who owns one of those guard dog type breeds (Ex. Rottweiler). 

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    They do show emotion toward their owners. My cat would rub against me when he wants to be petted or scratched.

    I’ll agree with everything else but the protecting the owner can be disputable. I would rather throw a cat at the intruder than a dog. As soon as the cat lands on the intruder, his claws are out and digging into the guy’s skin as he’s falling down.

  • patty
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    2 months ago

    two people in my block of flats have cats and all are very likeable. I wish I had one to sleep on my bed.

  • Kerri
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    2 months ago

    My cat is SUPER affectionate. She’s 13 and I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old. She sits on the coffee table and waits for me to sit down so she can jump in my lap. She stays on my lap until I get up too. She does sleep a lot and sometimes does her own thing instead of being in my lap all day but I like that she’s not a needy annoying pet. I love all animals and have had many many dogs and cats over my 50 years of living. No two cats or two dogs were alike. I’ve had huge dogs and pocket sized dogs. None of my dogs were guard dogs that protected me or my home but I didn’t get or train them for that. All my pets were for companionship. All that said though, all animals (excluding reptiles..mostly) have the capacity to love their owners and will show that love if they are loved and cared for.

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    My cats show LOADS of affection to me. Even the cat I only adopted a few months ago from a shelter who was already 6 years old when I adopted her.

    Cats that get love give love. They're not like dogs that will adore you even if you treat them badly. So whoever is saying this is well, a prick who has never been kind to them. He (actually certainly, YOU) never deserved their attention or love.

    People that only like big, aggressive dogs and dislike cats because they're not so able to be controlled most often have tiny penises and SEVERE control issues. They should be avoided by women at ALL costs.

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  • 2 months ago

    While cats won't protect you from human intruders, they can protect you from unwanted pests. My cats are very affectionate and know I am their person. They follow me around because they always like to be where I am and get attention.

    • Eggy2 months agoReport

      Some do protect from intruders...it depends on the breed

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    My cat once attacked a person who scared my little brother. My current cat is extremely people oriented, follows me around, walks on leash, talks a storm and can’t beat that loud purr

  • Ken S
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    2 months ago

    Cannot argue with ignorance

  • Ocimom
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    2 months ago

    While the cat may not protect me, my cats DO show affection in many ways.

  • 2 months ago

    I am a dog person also. But people do love their cats, especially for their independence.

  • 2 months ago

    Sure I can, I'm just tired of doing it. People hate cats. Great, more for those of us that actually understand them and love them back.

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