hahaha every single one of LVG's signings, improved and did excellent after leaving Man U lol?

Memphis Depay is the one that got 'let loose too soon' imo, i genuinely thought he would kill it in the epl and become a big name in this league.

getting rid of LVG so soon was foolish imo.

At least let one manage feck it up properly, and send you into relegation zones - THEN fecking change him : ))

instead you got rid of him when he was doing great ! lol

Mourinho finished 2nd in the league with you guys, and you got rid of him str8 after that.

Ole just came in, he hasn't even completed a full season in charge and people are asking for him to get sacked.

This is going to cos long term problems for the club imo.

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  • 4 months ago
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    Leaving Man United is almost always a good career move. Even in their glory days guys like Ronaldo left to bigger and better things, Tevez left and was still winning titles. And since SAF retirement the club is just pure poison.

    • Ryan
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      That's just leaving any pl club

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