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I'm hearing voices outside of my head?

They' re threatening me, saying that im going to have to pay. They hate me so much they keep repeating that and that everyone hates me.

In the night i get very clear, realistic dreams and i hear good voices. Theyre often telling me at night that i have to get up otherwise i'm in danger

They've been threatening me since june and its starting to come really close. I'm afraid of whats going to happen to me.

I take medication but it doesnt help. I dont know what to do anymore

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    9 months ago

    Maybe it's because you know that all you ever do is post pity me rants over and over here all the time instead of actually dealing with your problem. But since you are a moron as well you will never seek help and follow their directions. Either get treatment or end yourself, but for f**ks sake stop boring everyone by endlessly posting the same pity me crap over and over.

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  • 9 months ago

    A good source -

    Medicine can be very good for your problem.

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  • 9 months ago

    This is probably a form of schizophrenia. 

    What I can suggest is that you try psycho social therapy; and if not already ask to try anti-psychotic (a med. that helps with psychiatric problems. 

    Also if not already start seeing a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. 

    Some therapies you can try are support group, cognitive therapy, and psycho-education. 

    I hope this helps... Best wishes :)

    Source(s): schizophrenic teen
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