Does she sound more like ISFP or ISFJ or INTP or INFP or INTJ or ISTP ?

she is independent, direct, stubborn

no nonsense , strong willed , headstrong , tough , has bad temper but forgiving

she love freedom and is unprentensious

and transparent she angry or happy she will show it

she is perfectionist and encouraging

she does not care what other think

she is unpredictable and mood change like she has shy side too

she is animal lover

she follow her guts

she take care of her grandmother

she not keen in gossip

she belive eyes is window of soul

she likes buy present for others

she is good fighter

she use alcohol escape her problems

she is confident , bold , daring

she put her grandmother first

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  • 9 months ago
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    You will get answers faster if you define what the MB terms mean.

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