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How do you make mac n cheese?

I want the easiest, simplest recipe and if possible with the least amount of ingredients. Thank you!

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    boil macaroni.

    while its cooking I heat a small amount of milk with shredded cheese of choice. when the cheese starts to melt, I remove from heat.

    Drain the macaroni, dump the milk and cheese on it. stir..done.

    you can add things like drained tuna and peas, diced ham, diced crispy bacon, a dash of dry mustard, a can of ro-tel spicy diced tomatoes, what eve ryou want. BUT for the basics, just 3 ingredients" macaroni, cheese and milk.

  • denise
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    Boiled pasta shapes,

    Cheese sauce;- 2 ounces butter, melted, add 2 heaped teaspoons of cornflour/starch to make a roux, stir to a thick paste, add a cup +1/4 milk, stir over a medium heat to thicken, add a little pepper, 1 dessertspon mustard [american], add grated cheddar or jack, till it starts to melt. Mix sauce into the pasta, put into an oven proof dish [pyrex], then bake till brown and bubbling, you can sprinkle some herby breadcrumbs on top if liked before baking.

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    The simplest that is not ready-made in a can:

    Packet + water + heat:

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    What does "mac" mean?

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  • Cara
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    Put macaroni on to boil. Meanwhile make a white sauce with flour, butter, and milk. Add grated cheese to sauce and stir in. Add salt, pepper, and a little mustard. Drain pasta and add to sauce.

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    You can buy premade mac and cheese from stores in the US. All you do is heat and serve.

  • Satan
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    10 months ago

    Go to store.

    Buy a can of it

    Open can

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