If NYC, is such a shithole, why are so many flocking to live there?

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    NYC Bronx here. It really is a shithole. There’s a million different ethnic neihhborhoods restaurants very diverse near westchester maybe. I don’t think it’s as hyped up as people make it seem but then again some say it’s besr city’s in the world ............it’s fascinating to see the Society of New York City from the ghettos tonthe millionaires crazy

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  • Sharon
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    4 weeks ago

    NYC covers nearly 600 square miles and 8.3 million people. Absolutely anything you care to say about that many people and that much space is bound to be true somewhere, from the fanciest luxury to the depths of slums. As with most generalizations, little is served because no significant or useful info is exchanged

  • 4 weeks ago

    The same reason as California: to get jobs.

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    Yet are people who flock to NYC because they have seen movies about it - and they think that THEY are going to be a success and live a TV type life. So they end up in a rat hole, and instead of realizing that this whole fantasy was their doing - they blame NYC. I live less than 2 hours north. It is beautiful here, clean and quiet - I read the real estate section of the NYT and collapse in laughter. We go into the city often- maybe once a month, for decades - and enjoy what we see, do, and eat. But we have no interest in living IN the city. We have the best of both - a place her with a very active arts community, fabulous restaurants - and tourists that come up here to get away from NYC! Or buy second homes. Great! We can use the $$$ coming in. And hundreds of milliondhave been spent here by film crews making movies.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It's not a shithole.

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      I don't think so either but many say it is, so just want opinions as to why is that?

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