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Why are Bulgarian football fans racist?

Many are dark skinned and their mothers all had Turkish genes in them

Moslems, Arabs and mongols. They don't even look white Europeans.

Yet they make monkey noises at English football players?

These Bulgarians look dark sooty almost

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    They are a 'Far Right Activist Group', can't remember what they're called, but they had their sign pinned to the barrier in front of them. Somehow the Bulgarian Football Association, thought it was fine, letting them in, although I'm sure this group are well known to their Authorities and I'm sure they are racist at other Football Games and in the Public.

    These men should be imprisoned for inciting hatred. Their views belong in the past.

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    10 months ago

    No idea but it's pretty stupid to call someone a monkey when they are beating you 6-0. What does that make you then?

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    Because they don't know anything else, they're so thick!

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    It's their upbringing....they know no better.

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    East European Nation. Balkans.

    Also its Europe.

    The EU is backwards compared to GB lol

    thats a fecking known fact.

    Bulgaria..Poland...Romania...Lithuania... these countries hide in large lorries to get into GB. Why don't we do that to go to their nations ?

    Germany is the only nation I like in Europe followed by Spain lol

    Italy is cool too.

    all the others are just fecking useless lol

    but if an ex LFC legends nation is not mentioned, then its not useless its great. i.e Jan Molby ( Dane ) So Denmark rocks. Sami Hypia ( Finland ) So Finland also rocks. Dirk Kuyth ( Netherlands ) so yea, the dutch rock too. John Arne Rise ( Norway ) so they don't suck, they rock too lol

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    10 months ago

    Some Bulgarians have so called Turkish/Arab genes in them and other Bulgarians wont.Racism is usually done by the insecure and it is universal but only done mainly by the less intelligent people in societies. 

    You get Americans who hate the Chinese, Italians who hate Indians,.Bulgarians who hate Africans and it is also the non whites who hate.Chinese,Africans,Indians and all other colored peoples also can be racist its never a one way thing.

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    "They don't even look white Europeans"

    So you're assuming that only white Europeans can be racist? Racism isn't just white people hating blacks, let me tell you Turks and Indians aren't white but they hate Africans. In fact a poll a few years ago revealed that Indians are the most xenophobic people on Earth.

    Second the Bulgaria fans aren't even racist, England spent weeks and weeks talking about racism, they basically told the Bulgaria fans how to p*ss them off, so of course they did it. English people are so stupid it's funny, they don't understand the world outside of England at all. Those Bulgaria fans will be laughing making troll face now because they played the English media like a fine instrument.

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    10 months ago

    Dirty South Americans are racist about soccer. There is ONLY one Soccer. Football is played with your hands and in American.

    Source(s): Soccer Hombre Soccer
  • and yet you try and seperate them from caucasian, because why exactly?

    Listen Britain still has issues inside the English game with racism, and is a country in which multiculturalism, is quite normal, and has been part of society for generations now, Bulgaria on the other hand is a nation which is almost solely Bulgarians, who are Caucasian btw, just they have a slightler darker skin pigmintation on account of being a considerably hotter climate than the UK, however multricultural intergration is non existent, is it any wonder racism pertrudes more in these countries?

    There is only ONE FOOTBALL

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    Racism schmasism it’ll never end in this sad world :(

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