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I’m a traveling photographer, and I’m looking for a dog breed that wouldn’t get anxious with all the different places. Any ideas?

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    I think this would be more of a factor of training and raising than breed, though some breeds naturally are more brave than others. I would first look into breeds that fit the rest of your lifestyle. For example, do you want a dog that is small and happy with a walk out the door and back? Or do you want a big dog that goes running outdoors? Or maybe a medium dog that is easier to travel with but still bigger than a small one? Also keep in mind shedding and other factors.

    Anyways, once you take all this into consideration, then I would focus on finding a dog that would like being around different things and people. Golden retrievers and labs are the first that comes to mind, just because they are so immediately friendly and welcoming to different situations. For smaller dogs, I would look at Boston terriers or similar happy easy going dog breeds. Stay away from dog breeds that will be naturally more wary of strangers, such as shepherds, herding dogs, and other guard/working type breeds.

    Definitely check out shelter dogs, since you might can find one that is exactly what you need physically while also being easy going and calm. If you get a puppy, you will have a good chance to make sure it grows up socialized and used to traveling around.

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    Anxiety is little to do with breed and more to do with temperament of any dog, socialisation and training

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    No dog since most hotels don't allow them, many places don't allow them and clients may be allergic to dogs.

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    Almost any breed that you are drawn to would work out. Are you thinking big or small? Think about where the dog would be if you fly commercially. Airlines are not as accommodating as they say they are, with dogs in cabin. A small breed could be carried in cabin if it is crated & can fit in a crate under the seat in front of you or under your feet.

    It is all in the training/conditioning as the dog adapts to your way of life. You will expect it to obey you, so Basic Obedience is necessary.

    Breed does not matter. It is the individual dog that will suit your needs. Even an adopted dog can learn to travel. But can you give the dog the time it needs?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    My husband travels with a Rott and a GSD. Training is the key.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Bassett Hound. They're adventurous, photogenic, loyal, tough (they can endure all kinds of horrors but come out smiling) and very popular (especially here on YA)

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    A border collie does well in all situations and is also extremely photogenic. The breed is very intelligent and expressive.

    No other breed smiles like a border collie.

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