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What could this be?

Saturday night I killed a spider with insecticide spray and many little ones scurried out of it, most likely the eggs inside that mother spider hatched and I sprayed all of them, made sure to use as much spray as possible. The spider was like the size of a cockroach. Sunday night I saw another spider running the same size and sprayed it immediately, and more baby spiders burst out of it and I sprayed all. Where are all these pregnant spiders coming from? Is there a male spider impregnating them in this house that I have to search for and kill? Could it be one of the neighbors decided to play a mean prank and put these spiders in here through the back door crack? Should I hire an exterminator? 

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    Mother wolf spiders carry their young on their back for several days after they hatch, until they detach and disperse. If you kill the mother spider, the young run like crazy. It's normal, and not a nefarious plot.

    Spraying insects with insecticide is poisonous and bad for your health. Just smack the thing and smack the young as they run,.

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