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Shaking  muscle! ?

Hello! About 2 weeks ago i did some muay thai and we were drilling low kicks. I partnered up with a new guy and all of his kicks that were supposed to go to the thigh landed right abow or on the side of the knee. I ajusted after a while and lowered my self so he would kick my thigh but it was over. 2 days after i got a small swelling in the knee. Went to two different doctors to check out if all the ligaments were fine, witch they were and my knee feels normal now and no swelling. But i do feel a sligt pain right beside/under knee cap some times. On a scale 0-10 the pain is a 1.5. Doesent bother or hurt just is annoying. Also my thigh muscle shakes when i extend my leg with some resistance.

What can be the cause of the shakings and pain in the inside, outside part of knee cap?

Thx for answers!

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