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Do you think PS5 will do Native 4K 60 FPS for all games with Ray tracing at a cost of $599?


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    9 months ago
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    Yes, I think it will cost 600 and a second model that will do 4K checkboard rendering and ray tracing at 400.

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  • P
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    9 months ago

    Unfortunately for what the hardware costs I think around $600 is probably what it launch price would be until they have built up inventory.  The early buyers always pay more.  We live in a time where people buy smartphones for $900+ so $600 for a very powerful new generation console is a lot more reasonable than 10 years ago.  Sony will use the ps4 pro for people who want a budget 4k model.  I don't think Sony wants to take too much of a hit selling PS5's at massive losses this early in the game.  

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  • 9 months ago

    Sony will take a loss for every ps5 sold but I don’t think too many people are going to buy it if it costs $600. The 60 gb ps3 launched at $600 and not too many people bought it. I was seeing them at Best Buy after New Year’s Day, just a few months after launch.

    I think Sony will have to find a way to do what it wants at 400, maybe 450. The scorpio is the most powerful console and at $500, not too many people were buying it (could also be the lack of A-list games).

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