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Why are Western European women so fat and Eastern European women so skinny?

In Western Euro countries like UK, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Ireland, most women are fat and obese. In Eastern Euro countries, most women are skinny and hardly any woman is fat.

An average West Euro woman is 160 lbs while an average East Euro woman is 120 lbs. Why is there a great difference when they all are Caucasians??

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  • Lili
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    Odd. I've see plenty of overweight eastern European women, and plenty of slim western European women.

    Generalizations like yours are symptoms of ignorance. Moreover, I might point out that height is an issue. A 5'10" 160 lb. woman isn't going to be any heavier looking than a 5'2" 120 lb. woman.

    That said, the availability of better and more food may be an issue in the west.

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    • Lili
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      And anyone who thinks that the Scandinavians eat exactly the same diet as the French or the Italians or the British is truly ignorant.

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  • 9 months ago

    15 characteeeeeeers

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