Pedestrian deaths per capita in auto collisions in USA is twice Europe's. Poor neighborhoods feature heavily. Is there will to correct/? How?


- any suggestions for improvement - such as too many high speed roads currently through poor neighborhoods.

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  • 10 months ago
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    Reduce the number of cars per 1,000 capita from the 800 in the US to about the 500 in Europe.

  • Jerry
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    10 months ago

    The best answer has it right, but it should be about reducing the number of DRIVERS, not the number of cars. Cars don't kill people; the people driving those cars kills people. Get the bad drivers off the road, and keep them off. Issue drivers' licenses ONLY to people who demonstrate excellent driving skills, not to anybody who can stay in their lane and pass a written "driving trivia" quiz.

  • 10 months ago

    Pedestrians that are hit by cars are either stupid, drunk, high on drugs, or distracted. If they LIVE, they may be more cautious next time. If they don't survive, it's a little less welfare money being handed out.

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