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What's thise kind of error?

Your computer have problems to boot, some device was unplugged in a wrong way. Boot/ BCD OCx00000e9 An unexpected I/O error has occured.

2- For what is the boot?

3-Can i open the DOS before the Windows?

4-How to install the recovery console?

5-Can i copy files to an USB from the DOS?

6-Why do people say that Linux is difficult and you have to program it?

7-Where is located Windows. I searched in the C, D, E etc and i didn't find it.

8-An old cell phone is saying no network, even manually. Did the chips changed along the years? Can i use a today chip on it?

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    1) No question here

    2) To power on or start up a computer is to 'boot' it.

    3) Only if you have a DOS boot installed as a second operating sytem.

    4) The Recovery Console is a command line based, advanced diagnostic feature available in some early versions of the Windows operating system. It does not need to be installed.

    5) yes, but you will need a USB driver for the flash drive to first be recognized by DOS

    6) Linux is open source and many of the items written for it are also opens source. You dont' need to 'program' it, but you do need to have an understanding of how linux operates which is akin to programming.

    7) Windows is usually found in the root or C: drive.

    8) You don't say which old phone, but it may be analog rather than digital and will not find a net work due to this limitation.

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