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Why does Detroit have an NHL team but not London, Canada?

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  • martin
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    Detroit was definitely, and still is potentially, a major city due to the car manufacturing that comes out of Detroit when it's alive and booming. London, Canada isn't exactly on the map for all people know. America runs the hockey league, but it wouldn't exist without the Canadian players.

  • 1 month ago

    Saskatchewan is more important than Ontario.

  • JuanB
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    Because Detroit has 10 times the population of London.  London needs to be double it's size minimum to even make the list.

  • Detroit has had a team since well before the second world war. No group from London has ever applied for an NHL franchise. The Hunter family (who owns the OHL Knights) are perfectly happy being a big market team in the OHL. They sure as hell don't have upwards of $1bn++ (franchise fee, territorial infringement costs (see below) and upgrades to Budweiser Gardens to bring it up to NHL specs).

    PLUS, if someone from London wanted to apply for an NHL franchise (which has not happened) they would have to make a territorial infringement payment to the Maple Leafs (and possibly Detroit) which would be upwards of $100mm to Toronto alone.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because there’s already two teams in Ontario: the senators and the maple leafs. Can it support a third team. Most of the teams that played in Canada have moved to the United States.

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