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Help please...thank you..?

So I was diagnosed with Bipolar type 1 September 10th and was in a mental hospital from September 10th to September 20th. I have so many mood changes since being there and getting out, but for the last two weeks I have been depressed. The reason I’m staying in this state is because my family treats me like crap. My grandparents treat me like I should act normal now that I’m on medication and that I’m cured. They think I shouldn’t tell anyone that I have bipolar not even my very close friend. My dad told me that if I had killed myself that no one would remember me and my mom used me being in a mental hospital to make Tupperware sales. Most days these past two weeks I have wished that I had successfully killed myself, but I also wish I could leave the country to get as far away from them as possible. They didn’t do this when my little brother was diagnosed with autism so why do it to me. I feel like such a freak. What should I do?

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    Things are going to get better even if they seem hopeless. For example, Mandela spent around 30 years in prison, he stayed strong and he was finally released and managed to become president of his country and did a lot of good and had a great and happy life because he decided to stay alive.I know of someone who was severely depressed for many years but was able to recover and live a happy life. There was a time, I felt hopeless and miserable, now I am very happy I decided to stay alive..

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