Math - quarterly investments?

Find the final amount in the following retirement account in which the rate of return on the account and the regular contribution over time. $1300 per quarter invested at 4.3% compounded quarterly for 14 years then $1900 per quarter invested at 4.5% compounded quarterly for 17 years. Find the amount in the account.


compounded quarterly for 17 years. Find the total amount in the account

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  • 1 month ago

    WHEN during the quarter is the contribution made ?? What about TAXES ?? {This is a reality section, not a homework section.} And why compound quarterly when the standard in the U S is monthly? Create an excel spreadsheet if you must ( i e do not know how to use TMV functions). P S 4.3% per year, or APR. {they are different.}

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  • Don G
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    1 month ago

    At 1,300 per quarter for 14 yrs, N 56, R 1.075%, PV 0, PMT 1,300 = FV of 99,152

    At 1,900 per quarter for 17 yrs, N 68, R 1.125%, PV 0, PMT 1,900 = FV of 192,506

    But you didn't say what happens to the 99,152 in yr 14. Does it continue to earn 4.3% over the next 17 yrs, or does it earn 4.5%. And is it compounded quarterly? Or is it disbursed in yr 14?

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