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Cable/Internet for Apartment?

This is my first time to live in the US and my lease contract says basic cable and internet are covered by rent. In this case, what kind of procedure is required to get modems and so on?

If they are not included in rent, I understand that I need to contract with a cable provider directly but I'm not sure in case they are included.

Could you tell me what kind of procedure is required in general?

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    If the building has basic cable & internet, then it should be a hotspot & all you need is the password to log into from your laptop. Or it may be open, and you do not even need a password. When you turn on your laptop, look at the symbol on the bottom bar for internet connections, open & see what's there.

    As for cable, you probably do not need a box. The cable should be coming out of the wall, and you just connect it to your TV.

    Talk to your landlord & ask! BTW, where landlord provides basic cable, you typically are not able to get additional services added on to the basic provided. You would have to set up an account from scratch with the cable company. Then you need the cable company to come out & hook you up with a separate line, cable box, etc. Depends on the service set up the property owner has with the cable company, but it's unlikely they have separate cable connections to each apartment.

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    If they are included in the rent, then you do not need to contact the cable or internet providers directly. Those accounts will be in the landlord's name. You don't need to do anything to get the service, except live there. If you have trouble with getting the service connected, contact the landlord. If he says to contact the cable/internet company, then do that.

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    There is no such thing as a universal world wide procedure for this. You have to ask YOUR landlord what THEIR procedure is!!!!

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      If you don't have any idea you don't have to answer. just you want points.

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    1st step, ask the landlord.

    2nd step, contact the provider if necessary

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    Great question for your prospective landlord, there are too many alternative possibilities of what could be the case to effectively answer your question.

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    You would get a cable box and modem by appointment with the cable company. They would install it. You would only need to set up an account if you wanted cable services on top of the basic cable (a movie channel like HBO or upgraded stations).

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    if the cable is part of the rent, then they should already have the cable box there, same for the wifi antenna

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