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Is this slander?

Is this dirty politics or just small town nonsense?   

The mayor and I have been friends for years  He is up for election   The fellow council woman is running against him for the Mayor office   Jeff has a daughter who is nine now and very pretty   

What occur is at a town hall meeting a month ago where Chelsea was with him.  Looking adorable in a short dress but with another girl she got in trouble.   

Chelsea at home recieved a spanking which the council woman happen to see the mayor sitting with his daughter over his lap.  She now has told the local paper very crude details trying to smear the mayor.  Details like the child satin white underpants (wiggling in them) and the spanking itself  

Is this slander due to the fact that the child was and still a minor?    

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    White panty fetish troll. Keep scrolling.

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  • Judy
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    9 months ago

    troll alert...............................................................

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