Met a girl of tinder been on 2 dates now it seems she's not intrested any ideas?

Hi guys so last week I met a girl of tinder I drove to her picked her up went for a few drinks to her local pub and its all went really well had a kiss with  her to at the end of it to. But anyway the real reason i joined tinder wasn't because i want a relationship but something just causal really and so we actually got on very well with eachother spoke to her everyday litreally untill this friday she picked me up because my car was in the garage. And so it just hit me I started getting feelings for this girl strangely Ive never had a girlfriend before never felt feelings for a girl before. Never really looked for one tbf but here I thought something was there we had a really good second date she said she had a good time and stuff, anyway I was snapping her in the night after the second date was all good then I woke up Saturday morning and she left me on read which she's never done before and i realised maybe she wasn't so interested.  Anyway i gave it a few hours messgaed her again and was talking like normal for the whole day instead now she stopped putting xx, to just none then I requested to her If she wants to go for a meal in the week and she said "sorry I'm busy this week" and I just replied "okay no worries another time" and then that was it left me on read again so I take that as the sign i need, now i just feel really bad like my confidence just feels so knocked and i dont no what to do its made me a mental reck from feeling so good to what I feel now is horrible.

2 Answers

  • 11 months ago

    She wouldn’t ignore you if she was interested. Trust me!! Move on.

  • Lisa A
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    Realize that the vast majority of the population will not be interested in you. Keep looking for that small minority that will be interested.

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