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What are your thoughts on the whole "children protagonist" trend back in Japan?

Something I thought was interesting was that there is a slight pattern in movies, TV shows, or manga from Japan where, more likely than not, they'd have children as protagonists who still acted like kids yet felt wiser beyond their years. And yet, despite the difference in personalities expected from kids their age, they all still felt realistic. How do you feel about this? What makes this weirder is that the age where kids become adults in Japan is now 18 when it was 20.

Is there something you see about these characterizations that work? Or is it simply just good storytelling and good role models at work?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!


One reason why I ask this is how some of the child protagonists I mentioned were prone to doing things we'd expect adults to do. And yet, the results still felt powerful and well-done.

Update 2:

That's a good point, NightTerror. I don't remember where I saw it, but something else I caught that should be brought up is that I remember there being an article saying that the protagonists are children so that kids, as a demographic, will relate with them, but also sophisticated enough for adults to find interesting.

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  • 8 months ago

    I thought it was a subtle hint for children watching these shows to act more mature and less like children.

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