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I wonder how many parents did not like the love choices of their children but after a time they were grateful that the children disobeyed?

I wonder how many parents did not like the love choices of their children but after a time they were grateful that the children did not listen

I heard from a friend that he did not like boyfriend curki, because he was too rebellious and independent and did everything his own way, not listen to authority, but apparently had good grades.

He did not like the kid, because apparently the boy was a skateboarder and he associated this sport with hooligans, and that he avoided military service abolished in my country, Poland 2009.

He arranged for his dismissal from a psychiatrist because he had ADHD, which in itself is the only reason why someone is being treated pharmacologically for psychiatric reasons, this boy was not, but he arranged that the doctor prescribed ADHD medication for him: D

In his opinion, this boy was a bully and a coward, because only cowards and jehovah's witnesses avoid military service, and the other one did not want to join the army because "he would not let some morons shout at him"

In addition, he did not like the field of study that this boy chose, because he enrolled in the faculty of "Physical Education" in his opinion, PE is a department for morons

Over time, he liked his son-in-law, he said that they once differed strongly, and he was very argumentative, and talked back to everyone even to teachers, and bosses, that he lost one time job because of it :-)


He said that his son-in-law would argue even with the Pope himself, if he decided that he was right :-)

He said it might even be a good feature :-)

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    8 months ago
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    4 daughters. Oldest one's choice was OK. Hard working, intelligent, frugal, and uncomplicated. Second one married while in a stressful situation. When things settled down, they had nothing in common. I didn't trust him. They divorced. Third one married a rich guy's son. His ambition was to outlive his father, and inherit everything. His father was in better health and will probably outlive him. I didn't like this kid. Drugs got involved, and they divorced. Youngest seemed to prefer women to men. Then in her early 40's she married one of her students. He's a good dude, and it's going well.

    I refused to get involved. The oldest stayed married, and has adult kids. Second one, remarried a nice man and it's going well. Third one remarried and is enjoying a good relationship. My opinion was never asked, and would have been ignored anyway.

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