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Do you think my coworker/friend is being rude or am I just easily annoyed?

I ll try to keep this brief. I ve worked at this place for 7 years and she s worked there for 2, then quit for a year, then has been back for a year and a half now. The job is crappy but it pays more than most other jobs in the area, which is why I ve stayed, despite wanting to quit many times. And during those times that I wanted to quit, this co-worker always begged me to stay, even throwing away my two weeks notice before anyone could see it when I would put it in the office.

A year ago, I had an opportunity to work somewhere else with full benefits and better pay but I stayed because she wanted me to.

But now, in the past two months, she keeps talking about quitting and even texts me about all these places she s applied to and these interviews she supposedly has. I ve tried convincing her to stay. These jobs she s supposedly applying to pay less. I mean I would know; I ve been passively seeking other jobs for 7 years. She knows I don t want her to go but then keeps telling me about all these interviews and everything and I feel like it s intentional and to make me mad, because it is making me mad. I feel like telling her that if nothing I can say or have said will change her mind, then to either actually get those jobs she's bragging about or at least stop telling me about them, since what exactly am I supposed to say? She knows I don't want her to quit. She knows I've always had her back but it feels like that got me nowhere.

2 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    i would just let her do what she wants to do

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  • 8 months ago

    Why on earth would you feel ANY need to convince her to stay?

    If you don’t like hearing about her job hunt, stop reacting to it and change the subject.

    If you need to, and are ok risking the friendship, you can tell her “This topic makes me uncomfortable. I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s unresolved issues I’m working on.” Which is true.

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