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Why did Pancakeface Ling feel the need to do a show about guys who like porn? She should have done a show on wives opposed to sex?

It would have been far easier, as they are everywhere, and freely love to talk about that.

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    Did you watch the show? It was about people who BELIEVE THEY ARE ADDICTED TO PORN. It's about boys and men who no longer enjoy sex with a partner because they are ADDICTED TO PORN.

    Of course, your need to slur people says a lot about you. The best you can do is make fun of people's names?

    Fifth grade stuff.

    Please stop confusing your wife's refusal to have sex with you with the behavior of the rest of us. If no woman wants to have sex with you, you are the common denominator.

    If, like Lisa's show, you can't understand this, I'll be happy to explain.

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      I'm sure a lot of wives out there think like you do. I'm sure a lot of them think they give their guy everything he's ever wanted. And I'm also sure that a LOT of them would be shocked to know that he's been banging sideass for the last 10 years. "But I thought everything was alright..."

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