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Bathroom issues, please help.?

So I've tried literally everything else . This site has done well for me in the past so I figure why not? 

I've tried probiotics- (done my research and everything to ensure getting good ones), dieting, eliminated an extremely large amount of food from my diet, fiber , everything. I even went to the doc and got stool samples/ a colonoscopy done and they said "looks normal to us." At which point I seriously started to wonder if they are told to keep quiet due to my profession.

Anyways, I will explain the issue, without as much censorship as possible because again, I've tried everything. It's starting to effect my social/mental health and is becoming a real issue. 

Basically I can't eat anything without getting diahrrea or sticky stool. It is rare that I don't have to repeatedly go back to wipe again and again to my increasing dismay. This had been going on for years. It started with constipation and weekly diahrrea. I started removing gluten, very sugary things and processed foods from my diet which helped with diahrrea. But it'd still occur. A year or two later I started to remove dairy. Better results. Then almonds, then sugar, (as much as possible) then alcohol. There was a period while taking probiotics that I seemed to be doing well and I thought it was fixed, however I ran out for a bit , and upon returning to them nothing changed. Infact, if anything probiotics seemed to have the opposite effect- please email me as I cannot write anymore text on here.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    "Told to keep quiet because of your profession"? Um, what is your profession, other than inventing wacko conspiracy theories.

    You don't need your gut examined. You need your head examined.

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  • Tavy
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    9 months ago

    This sounds a bit muddled. What has your profession got to do with it?

    Probiotics gives me diahrroa , so that is not helping, it sounds as if you have an overactive colon has anyone suggested to take Imodeum to slow it down? Constipation AND weekly diarrhoea ?

    How does that work. Have you seen a Gastrologist?

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